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Trey Dreyfuss. Yuppie. Life is about to get complicated...

The Banker

Zack Goldman is back in the sequel to Break Loose...

Her Father is Trouble

Not everyone has a father like Michael Cagley...

Break Loose

Smoking-hot. Fast-paced. An unusual gangland thriller...

Her Father is Trouble

The shark is in town...

Beyond the Veil

She's gorgeous. He'll die for her. Now's the chance.

Her Father is Trouble

"My wife is mine!" ... So he thinks

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The Girl on the Savanna




U.S. Air Force Officer Jamie Smith discovers that Africa has many treasures. Especially, the girl in the Savanna. But treasures have a way of attracting trouble.


Romance, Intrigue, Adventure, Drama


Producer: Dapo Sijuwola



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