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Trey Dreyfuss. Yuppie. Life is about to get complicated...

The Banker

Zack Goldman is back in the sequel to Break Loose...

Her Father is Trouble

Not everyone has a father like Michael Cagley...

Break Loose

Smoking-hot. Fast-paced. An unusual gangland thriller...

Her Father is Trouble

The shark is in town...

Beyond the Veil

She's gorgeous. He'll die for her. Now's the chance.

Her Father is Trouble

"My wife is mine!" ... So he thinks

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A Good note on Romance and Adventure.

Dove Films have completed development of Her Father is Trouble, their new romantic adventure movie.

“It's a cracking plot with action, intrigue and romance,” says Sasi, the actress who plays Marian, a wise lawyer in the trailer.  Sasi goes further: “It's a really good movie. A great movie is not about a big budget. It’s about delivering effective entertainment to the audience for the buck spent. This is what translates into box office." The movie can be made successfully on a reasonable production budget.

“Trouble”  as the movie is labelled will be on the rounds to distributors shortly. "Trouble" is set in Washington D.C. and Geneva.


Trailer's end

Dove Films have completed filming of the teaser trailer for Her Father is Trouble. Filming took place at The Exchange adjacent London’s famous Liverpool Street Station and at Chromacode Studios also in London.

Post Production is being handled by James Duffy.

Still photography was provided by Fabio Tedde, a renowned composer who is not only adept with a Grand piano but also with a Canon.

The trailer will be available to studios and distributors in August 2013.


Thrills over Thriller

Development of 31st, a Romantic Thriller is almost complete after the final draft was submitted in late June.  31st is the story of Trey, a trendy Los Angeles professional who in his search for love encounters deadly adventure.

Considerations are underway to reset the story in Dallas or another U.S. city because of over-filming in many L.A. suburbs. 31st cuts across romance, gangland, action and adventure. There is a heart wrenching bit of the story that takes place in Romania. Lee Morgan, who penned the story explains: “The bits in Romania were so gut wrenching that I could not bring myself to write it. Every time I touched the keypad, I abandoned it. And since I finally wrote it, I only went back to read it once. After a stiff.” 

A shooting script will be in place after distribution partners are engaged, and talent attached.


Developing the gangland.

Break Loose, Dove Films' gangland feature has commenced development. Keen to avoid the gangland trap, producer Dapsi says, “I don’t subscribe to the current trend that great ganglands equate wanton violence. Ganglands can have really good plots. Yes, there is some violence but this gangland does not thrive on that violence but on its sound story.” Set in London, Break Loose is the story of a young group of crooks led by Plug, a character of immense proportions and their audacious heist that leads them into territories unknown.

Script outline has been approved and the first draft is due August/ September 2013  


Adventure or misventure

The Banker, the sequel to Break Loose has been sent back for a rewrite. “The script is currently eighty percent, Dapsi the attached producer concedes. “I am looking for one hundred and ten. All our work must be able to contend for box office ... or there's no point.” Fair point. 



Beyond the Veil, Dove Films' latest project has got the green light. This gripping romantic monarchy adventure is set between New York and the fictional kingdom of Oban. So far, the story line is very strong. The outline and scenes are set out and is now being scribed to script. First draft is due October/November 2013.


Phantom to be seen

Dove Films have commissioned “Phantom Rogue" an adventure drama. Phantom Rogue is actually a parallelquel to Her Father is Trouble. Parallequel? Producer Dapsi explains: "In Her Father is Trouble, the lead character briefly met a billionaire named Peter Rudy. But untold in that movie, Peter had his own serious drama going on. Phantom Rogue is Peter’s own story."

Are the stories linked? "In the films  - not really," Dapsi says. "Both stories stand independent of each other but if you choose, you can fit them together like Lego."


Banker Reloaded

The second draft of The Banker has been submitted. The Banker is the sequel to Break Loose but unusually, The Banker, the sequel was written first. Break Loose, the original is still on the keyboard.  On why such an unusual method, producer Dapsi speaks: "No special reason. I think Banker was easier to put together, but Break Loose is stronger. In Dove Films style, both stand independently. However if you delve deeper, and watch both you get an even richer story. Both leave audiences satisfied on leaving the cinema.”





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