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Trey Dreyfuss. Yuppie. Life is about to get complicated...

The Banker

Zack Goldman is back in the sequel to Break Loose...

Her Father is Trouble

Not everyone has a father like Michael Cagley...

Break Loose

Smoking-hot. Fast-paced. An unusual gangland thriller...

Her Father is Trouble

The shark is in town...

Beyond the Veil

She's gorgeous. He'll die for her. Now's the chance.

Her Father is Trouble

"My wife is mine!" ... So he thinks

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Maria's Place





Gunther, Kane, Marvin and Bayllo are soldiers. Having been deployed to Afghanistan, they go AWOL to settle unfinished matters and issues with the women in their lives. Meanwhile, the Army seeks to capture them. Romance, Drama.



Click on character's name for the audition side.

GUNTHER, 24 - 28: Good-looking. The kind of man girls dream of. Tall. Rugged. A leader. A soldier.


SILVIA, 22 – 26. Pretty, sweet young woman. She has had to grow up all by her self and made a good job of it. Silvia’s back story is in the Silvia’s side.


TARA, 20 – 28 - A seasoned waitress at Maria’s Place restaurant. 


KANE, 24 – 28. Tall, awkward, bony-faced, loner. Has a tight group of army friends but trusts nobody else. When he loves he loves, and if he hate you then beware.


BAYLLO, 24 – 32 - Black African. Black African accent. Big, bulky, could be wild, savage. On the alter-ego he could dress cool.


KYLIE, 22 – 26. Flaky. She has short, bleached blond wavy hair. Charlize Theron style. She wears a brown leather frock and trendy heels. Snake-themed necklace, snake-themed ear rings and a snake-themed bracelet. Something about her warns beware. A bad girl.


MARVIN, 24 – 28, Soldier. Speed freak. Besotted with a girl.

HARRY, 26 – 30, Harry is a dapper guy. He wears a sense of maturity. Calm. Someone you would make manager. Don’t be fooled. He can hold his own.

ZOUBA: 40-60, Cold, money-grabbing son of a bitch. Asian / Mediterranean

SPADE: 22 – 35 Callous, Zouba’s evil side-kick to. Asian / Mediterranean

RIKA: 18-24 – Sweet, innocent Mediterranean / Asian girl. Girl-next-door. She’s got a good sense in her. Rika's Audition Side #1, Rika's Audition Side#2

AUNT OLIVA – 40 – 55. Silvia’s irresponsible aunt cloaked in fake genteel.

CHAD MURRAY – 45 – 55 – Silvia’s irresponsible uncle. Reminiscent of Ebenezer scrooge

BLONDIE –Plain-clothed Military Police goon. One half of a playful / cynical double act.


REDHEAD – Plain-clothed Military Police goon. Second half of the playful / cynical double act.

CAMILLE – 22 – 30. A cop under cover. Playing like a whore.

YOUNG SILVIA – 12 – 14: Silvia aged 13

HOUSEHOLDER – Weird type

HOUSEHOLDER 2 – Subtly mischievous type

SWORDFISH – 23 – 27 – Military Police Lieutenant.

DREADLOCK – Schizophrenic.

DORCAS – 65 – 70 – Elderly caring Lady

RUFUS – Patron at Restaurant – Talking part

JAMES – Patron at Restaurant – Talking part

JANE – Patron at Restaurant – Talking part



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